DOB ~ 29 March 2004 - 25 April 2011

Colour ~ Wheaten

Noble & Lady

CDN CH Aotearoa Toakea Castlekeep

Rd Wheaten

CDN CH Bilbernie Uilliam


USA CDN CH Starkeeper's Dearg Niall

USA CH Noinin Cnoc Noll of Limerick

USA CDN CH Stoneridge Starkeeper Darragh

Bilbernie Mighty Mischief

CDN CH Shalfleet Golden Eagle

CDN CG Bilbernie Shawna

Aotearoa Aiden of Castlekeep

Rd Brdl

CDN CH Aotearoa Mangu Mumu

CDN CH Aotearoa Huhu

CDN CH Aotearoa Belleghuan Tainui

Aotearoa Rawahanga Kea

CDN CH Aotearoa Mingo

Christine's Molly's Katie

CDN CH Royeljoker's Crown Jewel


CDN CH Aotearoa Locksley Razzmatazz


CDN CH Aotearoa Mangu Mumu

CDN CH Alano Aotearoa Huhu

CDN CH Aotearoa Belleghuan Tainui

CDN CH Locksley's Lady Brenna

Belleghuan Aotearoa Guinness

CDN CH Aotearoa Morgan at Locksley

CDN CH Flying Royel Joker Queen Zoya


Flying Advent Act

Flying Lunn Regan

Flying Golden Fleece

Flying Neala Fair

CDN USA CH Aotearoa Irawaru of Emrys

Flying Merrily Aloft



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